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2017/09/19, 06:46AM
BLOG: Conference sizes in NLP are growing exponentially, which will likely affect how we review, organize, and experience conferences in the future. Some thoughts based on my observations at ACL and EMNLP.

2016/10/22, 04:59AM
BLOG: I had some time and analyzed the US presidential debates from a quantitative point of view. Turns out the candidates differ even beyond their messages.

“I have been thinking, Hobbes”
“What, on a weekend?”
“Well, it wasn’t on purpose…”
Calvin and Hobbes



, cooked. Quench, peel, and mash them and add
to form a firm dough. Allow to cool down.
Form a long roll of about 2cm diameter and cut it into pieces of about 3cm. Shape little balls of them in your hands (using water or flour to prevent the dough from sticking to your palm) and drop them into boiling salt water.
As soon as the Gnocchi float on the water, skim them and quench them in a colander (otherwise they all stick together).

The most important part of the Gnocchi is that you have to kneed the dough while the potatoes are still warm. Otherwise, the Gnocchi might dissolve in the boiling water (happened to my first try). Once prepared, you can keep it in the fridge until you need it, though.
One helping of Gnocchi looks awfully small, yet do not be deceived: those little potato balls can be quite stuffing! You can serve any pasta sauce with them, yet my favorite is just melted butter with a little sage.

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