dirk hovy

2017/09/19, 06:46AM
BLOG: Conference sizes in NLP are growing exponentially, which will likely affect how we review, organize, and experience conferences in the future. Some thoughts based on my observations at ACL and EMNLP.

2016/10/22, 04:59AM
BLOG: I had some time and analyzed the US presidential debates from a quantitative point of view. Turns out the candidates differ even beyond their messages.

“You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.”
“What mood is that?”
“Last-minute panic.”
Calvin and Hobbes


Fish Rolls

Fish Rolls
, cut with a peeler into thin slices. Lay a
on each zucchini strip and roll it up with one piece of
and fix with a toothpick.

Let it simmer for approx. 10 min in a broth of water and mustard (do not cook!) Wrap with a chive stem. You can use any fish that has firm flesh for this.

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