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2016/10/22, 04:59AM
BLOG: I had some time and analyzed the US presidential debates from a quantitative point of view. Turns out the candidates differ even beyond their messages.

2016/09/15, 06:25AM
NEWS: I am proud and happy to announce that as of Aug 1, I am associate professor of computer science at the computer science department of the University of Copenhagen. The goal of a 15-year journey :)

“I want you to be crazy ’cause you’re boring, baby, when you’re straight. I want you to be crazy ’cause you’re stupid, baby, when you’re sane.”
The Kills―Cheap and Cheerful


Fish Rolls

Fish Rolls
, cut with a peeler into thin slices. Lay a
on each zucchini strip and roll it up with one piece of
and fix with a toothpick.

Let it simmer for approx. 10 min in a broth of water and mustard (do not cook!) Wrap with a chive stem. You can use any fish that has firm flesh for this.

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