dirk hovy

2017/09/19, 06:46AM
BLOG: Conference sizes in NLP are growing exponentially, which will likely affect how we review, organize, and experience conferences in the future. Some thoughts based on my observations at ACL and EMNLP.

2016/10/22, 04:59AM
BLOG: I had some time and analyzed the US presidential debates from a quantitative point of view. Turns out the candidates differ even beyond their messages.

“I’m willing to say most of the things I do are horribly wrong, but they amuse me.”
Something Positive


all mixed together. Separate
set aside the yoke and stir the egg white with
Then melt
in a pan, add it to the milk-egg white liquid, pour it over the dry ingredients and knead it to make a soft dough. Let it rise for about one hour in a warm spot.
Roll out the dough and coat it with a mixture of
Turn over the sides and roll everything into a long tube. Cut off slices of about half an inch. Put on a baking tray.
Heat the oven to 220° C and bake the rolls for about 15 to 20 min. Cover the warm rolls with

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